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From utilities to industrial operations, our use cases demonstrate the practical benefits and real-world impact of our advanced technologies.

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Utilities, heavy industry and service companies have relied on Delta-X Research since 1992.

14 of the top 20 US utilities are Delta-X Research customers.

Leave the guesswork behind

By utilizing our advanced algorithms and expertise, our clients are able to streamline their operations, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize energy waste. Our products and services are designed to provide real-time insights and recommendations, allowing our clients to make informed, data-driven decisions. Partner with us today to revolutionize your power infrastructure.

Delta-X Research helps transform electrical utility operations

Delta-X Research’s solutions have revolutionized electrical utility operations, enabling efficient asset management, predictive maintenance, and optimized grid performance. Our products have safeguarded transformers and improved reliability across the power distribution network.

Enhancing industrial performance

Our solutions have proven instrumental in optimizing performance, reducing downtime, and minimizing maintenance costs. See how our products have helped industrial operations ensure the reliability and longevity of critical assets.

Elevate your DGA program

Explore use cases that demonstrate our products’ role in real-time monitoring, fault detection, and condition-based maintenance, enabling more efficient and resilient power distribution networks.

Advanced Diagnostic Software

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA)

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA)

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) helps you make critical decisions about the maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement of your critical assets. With a scientific foundation built over 25 years, TOA provides the most correct interpretation of dissolved gas analysis data.

TOA with Monitor Watch

Monitor Watch is a powerful module designed to efficiently manage and interpret online monitor data, enabling you to assess and diagnose the health of your high-voltage apparatus, including power transformers. With its advanced capabilities, Monitor Watch empowers you with critical insights and facilitates informed decision-making for optimal asset management.

Who we serve

Whether you are an electric utility, a large industrial operation, an energy services company, or a leading laboratory, we provide the tools to manage and interpret test data from high-voltage electric power transformers and related equipment.


Paul Mushill
Principal Engineer
Ameren Missouri
"Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) by Delta-X Research is an invaluable and necessary program used daily by fifteen or so engineers that are responsible for maintaining Ameren's transformer fleet. Thousands of transformers are sampled and analyzed yearly and the program successfully alerts problems or conditions that indicate serious abnormalities that need addressing. If we prevent one transformer failure by a proactive replacement, the find pays for all services rendered and subscription costs. Realistically, we replace several transformers a year based on TOA analysis so more than one failure is likely avoided.

The program is used as a transformer risk assessment tool that provides a health index of the transformer fleet. The huge database and history with TOA since 1999 provides trending analysis that is required for correct data interpretation. The program has constantly evolved to provide the most up-to-date analysis methods such as Reliability-based DGA, many of which are developed by Delta-X Research. The program is very user friendly. The analysis methods are instrumental to accurate diagnostics of transformer issues.

Delta-X Research is very active in industry providing technical papers and presentations to various associations. They provide the information that help engineers and chemists understand the complexities of dissolved-gas analysis. Members of Delta-X Research are highly regarded as industry experts. While there are other DGA analysis programs, we have no reason to consider alternates as we are very happy with TOA."

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for best practices.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research
for innovation.

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