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We provide advanced decision support tools to help electrical utilities and industrial operations assess and track the health of their high-voltage electrical apparatus. Our solutions can increase reliability, optimize maintenance and maximize ROI, helping our customers to confidently safeguard assets and manage risk in an imperfect world.

John Brett, P.Eng.

President & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, John drives and manages corporate strategy, business development, operations and finance. Over 25 years, John held leadership roles in organizations that operated or provided solutions for demanding applications including utility operations, industrial automation, and navy command & control. John was an early principal at Tantalus, a leading utility communications company, where he established and built the vision for a real-time, two-way communications network to automate utilities all the way to consumers; a model that is now standard for grid modernization implementations. John received his electrical engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, and is a registered Professional Engineer.

Jim Dukarm, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist & Founder

Jim is the founder and Principal Scientist of Delta-X Research. Working full-time in the electric power industry since 1988, he has developed successful software products for monitoring and diagnostic applications, including widely used applications for factory switchgear monitoring, insulation power factor testing, and dissolved-gas analysis. His current research and development activities are focused on dissolved-gas analysis and condition assessment of liquid-filled high-voltage equipment. Dr. Dukarm is a member of CIGRE and ASTM International (Committee D27 — Insulating Liquids and Gases), and is a Life Member of IEEE, actively involved in IEEE/PES Transformers Committee standards development. Jim received a PhD degree in Mathematics from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 1980.

Our history

Delta-X Research is a small and growing company operating in Victoria since 1992. Our business is to help electric utilities and large industrial plants assess the health of their power transformers and related high-voltage electrical equipment, which are assets critical to ensuring the lights stay on. We develop software, perform related scientific research, and provide technical support to our customers. Our product, Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA), is widely used in North America and abroad, and because of that success and an intensified marketing and sales effort, we anticipate demand for our solutions to expand significantly in the next few years.

Join the TOA Community, share knowledge, and contribute to our Industry

When you become a TOA user, you join a community of peers dedicated to providing safe, reliable electricity.

As a TOA user, you indirectly compare your transformer fleet with those across our industry and by participating in Delta-X Research events, you network with transformer engineers committed to sharing knowledge, advancing science, and helping one another. The TOA Community’s contributions support our scientific research and shape TOA for the benefit of all. 

Together, we keep the power on and the world moving forward.

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Our role

We strive to create the most effective diagnostic software available for assessing and tracking the condition of high voltage apparatus. With early and accurate detection of apparatus fault conditions, our customers are better equipped to manage risk, reduce system losses, improve reliability, and maximize the return on investment of their high-value assets.

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: Risk Assessment

In general, the purpose of periodic screening with DGA for power transformers is risk assessment. Is any transformer likely to fail in service? If so, how severe is the problem? Previous articles in this series have described ways to improve DGA interpretation.

Timely Insights for Asset Management

Delta-X Research provides timely and accurate insights for asset management. Our solutions offer a sound scientific basis for interpreting apparatus test data, enabling operators to assess the condition of critical assets confidently. We prioritize aging assets for replacement or upgrade, making asset management more efficient and cost-effective.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for best practices.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for innovation.

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