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Advanced diagnostic software for insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis, for high-voltage apparatus.

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Utilities, heavy industry and service companies have relied on Delta-X Research since 1992.

14 of the top 20 US utilities are Delta-X Research customers.

Leave the guesswork behind

By utilizing our advanced algorithms and expertise, our clients are able to streamline their operations, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize energy waste. Our products and services are designed to provide real-time insights and recommendations, allowing our clients to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Partner with us today to revolutionize your power infrastructure.

TOA articles

Advanced Diagnostic Software

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA)

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA)

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) helps you make critical decisions about the maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement of your critical assets. With a scientific foundation built over 25 years, TOA provides the most correct interpretation of dissolved gas analysis data.

TOA with Monitor Watch

TOA with Monitor Watch

Monitor Watch is a powerful module designed to efficiently manage and interpret online monitor data, enabling you to assess and diagnose the health of your high-voltage apparatus, including power transformers. With its advanced capabilities, Monitor Watch empowers you with critical insights and facilitates informed decision-making for optimal asset management.

Generate reports with far more insights

Flexible reporting options provide decision support, from condition assessment, fleet equipment comparison and prioritization, to preconfigured graphs to visualize data and results, with PDF exports for easy distribution.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for best practices.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for innovation.

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