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Scientific, Easy, Independent.

Discover the most correct dissolved gas analysis to assess and track the health of your high-voltage apparatus.

Meet Delta-X Research

Delta-X Research provides the market-leading solution for managing and interpreting insulating liquid test data, including dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Our Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) decision-support tool uses innovative Reliability-based DGA to detect incipient faults, assess risk, and prioritize your transformer fleet for repair-or-replace decisions.

Interpreting DGA data is a three-step process

Does a fault exist?

Using simple gas concentrations and rates-of-change to detect faults has resulted in understating or, worse, missing problems.

Recent advancements in DGA interpretation, including:

  • Using fault energy indices to simplify the analysis,
  • Accounting for gas loss,
  • Focusing on gassing events, and
  • Applying reliability statistics to relate DGA data with transformer failures identifies problematic transformers earlier and significantly reduces false alarms.

What type of fault is it?

The Duval triangles are tried and true fault type diagnostic tools, but can require the application of multiple triangles to distinguish particular faults that require interpretation of more than three hydrocarbon gases. 

Using all five hydrocarbon gases, the 4-Simplex provides a nuanced result that allows for understanding mixed fault types, and has proven to be more reliable than the Duval pentagon.

How severe is the fault?

Reliability-based DGA is based on a statistical model built from transformer reliability data, including failure events. A transformer’s fault energy index is compared to the model to provide two measures:

  • Cumulative Severity (CSEV) indicates the percentage of transformers that are gassing that would fail prior to transformer of interest; and
  • Hazard Factor (HF) indicates the probability of failure over the next year if gas production continues at the current rate.

Hazard Factor is a more precise severity assessment than the simple green/yellow/red status codes used by conventional methods, and thereby enables fleet prioritization optimized for deploying maintenance resources.

Did you Know...?

Utilities, heavy industry and service companies have relied on Delta-X Research since 1992.

14 of the top 20 US utilities are Delta-X Research customers.

Generate Reports with Far More Insights​

Flexible reporting options provide decision support, from condition assessment, fleet equipment comparison and prioritization, to preconfigured graphs to visualize data and results, with PDF exports for easy distribution.

Advanced Diagnostic Software

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA)

Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) helps you make critical decisions about the maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement of your critical assets. With a scientific foundation built over 25 years, TOA provides the most correct interpretation of dissolved gas analysis data.

TOA with Monitor Watch

Monitor Watch is a powerful module designed to efficiently manage and interpret online monitor data, enabling you to assess and diagnose the health of your high-voltage apparatus, including power transformers. With its advanced capabilities, Monitor Watch empowers you with critical insights and facilitates informed decision-making for optimal asset management.

Most Correct Interpretation of DGA Data on the Market!

Reliability-based DGA is a major development in dissolved gas analysis and transformer monitoring software – and will help you increase reliability, optimize maintenance, and maximize ROI, while reducing the risks of an unforeseen catastrophic transformer failure.

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Scientific, Easy, Independent.

Discover the most correct dissolved gas analysis to assess and track the health of your high-voltage apparatus.

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