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TOA 2024 winter release: Methanol and ethanol data capture

As we continually refine the decision-support tools and DGA analysis available in TOA, our science team has enhanced the software to recognize methanol (CH3OH) and ethanol (C2H6O) concentrations. You can now upload methanol and ethanol data to TOA, view this data in our reports, and apply limits to concentration values. By including methanol and ethanol concentrations, TOA provides a simple indicator of cellulose paper degradation for a deeper understanding of your samples’ characteristics and apparatus health.

Your existing custom methanol and ethanol data fields have been migrated to the TOA-recognized field, so you can continue to upload your methanol and ethanol data as before.

If you’d like to start taking advantage of the methanol and ethanol fields, please reach out to our Technical Support team.

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