Generation, transmission and distribution operators as well as leading industrial operations around the world rely on Delta-X to provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of their high value assets. There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your clients' interests.

It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing us with their testimonials.



“With a large equipment fleet to analyze, we need an effective method of identifying abnormal units quickly. We have used TOA4 Online since 2008, and TOA3 before that. TOA4 Online is one of the best tools in my toolbox for assessing the condition of power transformers and LTCs. I have found many problems using TOA4 Online. By doing so, we have prevented costly power outages, saved equipment from catastrophic failure, and saved money on repairs instead of replacements. This help keeps our maintenance budget down, which in turn affects the rates to our customers.”


Don Dorris, P.E. Operations Engineer III, Nashville Electric Service




“We have worked with Delta-X since the late 1990’s. Interacting with TOA4 Online is totally transparent, and has been no different than interacting with my data with the old TOA3 running on my company server. With on-line access, TOA4 Online allows me to query my data from anyplace, anytime … and the connection speed for uploading/reviewing data is instantaneous. Delta-X is very responsive, and provides a high quality product and service that is 100% “fit for use” for my needs.”


Scott Girard, Senior Substation Technician, Chugach Electric Association


"TOA4 ties directly into our CMMS Cascade which allows TOA4's condition assessment to trigger Cascade in the event of any anomalies and alert the appropriate parties to take action. TOA4's ability to access our oil records on-line and mobile is a very useful option. Delta-X Research is a great company to deal with, they listen to their customers' ideas and enhance the product continually."


Chris Brown, Group Leader, Substations, LGE-KU


“TOA’s software system definitely improves our efficiency and accuracy when processing oil samples for our customers. The system is uncomplicated, and produces easy to read, personalized reports that we provide to our customers; and since TOA keeps a history of past samples, the reports included charts and trending for easy to read data interpretation. In the few instances when we’ve contact Delta-X Research with software questions, our questions were addressed the same day by phone or email. Their customer service has been excellent.”


Tracey Suehring, Executive Assistant, Energis High Voltage Resources, Inc.