Providing a Sound Scientific Basis for Condition Assessment of High-Voltage Apparatus

Our diagnostic software solutions are used by high-voltage equipment experts around the world to assess and track the condition of electrical apparatus. With the electricity infrastructure being pushed to new limits by growing demands and tightening budgets, Transformer Oil Analyst ™ (TOA) is relied on to provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of critical equipment. Whether you are an electric utility, a large industrial operation, an energy services company or a leading laboratory, TOA provides the necessary tools to manage and interpret test data from high-voltage electric power transformers and related equipment.


When managing an equipment fleet, utilities need oil sample results processed without delay to identify apparatus that require extra attention and to raise alarms automatically in the event of an impending and disruptive failure.  TOA provides these capabilities plus stores the complete history of insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis (DGA), for each apparatus so utilities are well equipped to report to regulators and insurers.  Having insight into the condition of the entire fleet helps set maintenance priorities and facilitates capital planning.


Reliable electricity supply is critical to plant operations, but the power system is just one of many that is operated and maintained at the plant. With TOA, you get the tool built on years of experience and used by high-voltage apparatus experts everywhere to interpret and analyze insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis. With automatic alarms, you can work anywhere in your plant knowing that TOA will alert you when your equipment requires attention. And if you need help with your analysis, we can find you expert assistance from our broad industry network.


Whether you provide end-to-end energy services or simply offer excellent laboratory services, you are a valuable component to your clients’ operations & maintenance program.  TOA enhances your capabilities with a consolidated oil sample record storage and reporting tool, plus state-of-the-art interpretation of insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis (DGA).  Your clients will be confident that you have a complete history of insulating fluid test data available for reporting to regulators and insurers.  And with access to the common database, both you and your clients have visibility into the condition of their critical apparatus, and can receive automatic alerts when anomalies are identified.

TOA4 Online™

TOA4 Online is the market leading tool that high-voltage equipment experts use to interpret and analyze insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis.


  • Processes both laboratory and online monitor data
  • Applies to all liquid filled, high-voltage apparatus
  • Provides 24x7 access in the office and the field

TOA4 Monitor Watch™

TOA4 Monitor Watch extends TOA4 Online to process online DGA monitor data automatically and to deliver high-quality status and diagnostic information to operations & maintenance teams and enterprise systems.


  • Stores large quantities of raw monitor data
  • Enables comparison of online monitor data with laboratory data
  • Receives data generated by any online DGA monitor
  • Produces results within minutes of receipt of monitor data