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TOA4 In-Service Equipment Filter

Category: TOA4 TechNotes

Each equipment item has an “In-service” checkbox – visible when editing the item – which should be checked if the equipment is in service and unchecked if the equipment is not in service, i.e., retired or permanently de-activated. In an equipment import or export file, this field is called “in_service” and has a value of 1 (true) or 0 (false). The default value, if no value for in_service is specified when the equipment is imported for the first time, is 1.

The “In-service items only” checkbox below the Apparatus Type filter at the top of the equipment list page activates a filter which excludes all equipment items for which in_service is false. This prevents, for example, all the failed equipment from occupying the top of the list when you are sorting by Assessment or Next DGA.

The “In-service items only” filter is different from the other filters in that it is not turned off by the Reset button. To deselect this filter, you must manually uncheck the checkbox.