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TOA4 Online Mobile Access

Category: TOA4 TechNotes

If you are a TOA4 Online user and have a web-enabled cell phone, Blackberry, or PDA, you might like to try out TOA4’s new mobile access feature. Point your phone’s web browser to the TOA4 Online address, but add “/m” at the end of that address. Some cell phone companies aren’t very good with handling “https”, so if your phone complains about the security certificate, try using “http” instead. You still have to log in using the same ID and password that you normally use for TOA4 Online. If you use the mobile access feature, we would appreciate some feedback on how it treats you and what we should do to make it more useful for you.

Here are some example pages. The “home” page (not shown) is an abbreviated equipment list, which is always filtered to keep the list short. Items with an abnormal condition are red. If you click on an equipment item in the list, its detail page is displayed. The bottom of the equipment detail page (not shown) contains a summary of analysis results, with abnormal items in red.

Equipment Detail












If you click on (say) the “DGA” link in the results summary, a report showing the latest DGA results (with abnormal items in red) is displayed. Individual data items are linked to corresponding graphs, and the DGA diagnosis (if the result code is greater than 1) is linked to a Duval triangle.

DGA Report (bottom)

Triangle Chart