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Discover decision-support tools that elevate your transformer maintenance program so you can
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We challenge the status quo by applying the scientific method and building on first principles.  We invest in research to provide high quality information so you can make high quality decisions.


Quality information presented simply and conveniently makes critical decision-making easier. And knowing the team behind the information is always available to assist provides confidence in making those hard choices.


Leading with science demands objectivity. And by providing decision-support tools without associated services or hardware, we can work with any other vendor. By us being independent, you are independent.

Did you know...?

Utilities, heavy industry and service companies have relied on Delta-X Research since 1992.

14 of the top 20 US utilities are Delta-X Research customers.

Meet Delta-X Research

Delta-X Research provides the market-leading solution for managing and interpreting insulating liquid test data, including dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Our Transformer Oil Analyst™ (TOA™) decision-support tool uses innovative Reliability-based DGA to detect incipient faults, assess risk, and prioritize your transformer fleet for repair-or-replace decisions.

What is Reliability-based Dissolved Gas Analysis (R-DGA)?

Dissolved gas analysis is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools for detecting and assessing changes to the condition of a liquid-filled transformer, and IEEE and IEC standards provide detailed procedures for interpreting dissolved gases in power transformers.

But there is still a significant number of unplanned outages due to transformer main tank faults that, in retrospect, should be detectable by DGA and maintenance teams are frustrated by pursuing an unreasonable number of false alarms raised by conventional DGA.

You can improve system reliability and avoid false alarms by using Reliability-based DGA, an improved method for interpreting DGA data that associates fault gas production with transformer failures and provides a direct indication of risk that is actionable.


Mark Christensen
Group Leader | Manager | Substation Technical Field Support
Southern California Edison
"Delta-X Research's technical expertise in the field of dissolved-gas analysis (DGA) is on a whole other level from other vendors. Since their Reliability-based DGA technology includes data, including failure data, from other Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) users, TOA naturally allows us to compare our transformers' performance with that of other utilities, and does a better job assessing the risk of operating transformers with problems. And they are so easy to work with, allowing us to talk with their scientists, learn from their experience and freely collaborate as our DGA program evolves."

Join the TOA Community, share knowledge, and contribute to our industry

When you become a TOA user, you join a community of peers dedicated to providing safe, reliable electricity.

As a TOA user, you indirectly compare your transformer fleet with those across our industry and by participating in Delta-X Research events, you network with transformer engineers committed to sharing knowledge, advancing science, and helping one another. The TOA Community’s contributions support our scientific research and shape TOA for the benefit of all. 

Together, we keep the power on and the world moving forward.

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Who we serve

Generation, transmission, and distribution utilities, as well as leading industrial operations around the world, rely on Delta-X Research to provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of their high-value assets.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research for best practices.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Delta-X Research
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