Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) users and labs are welcome to call or email for support. How can we help you? The Delta-X Research TOA Technical support office is located on the West Coast in the same time zone as California. Our office hours are 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday except holidays.

Visit our Knowledge Center to review articles related to some of the most common TOA questions and technical support issues. You'll also find articles on technical issues related to insulation oil testing and data interpretation.


  • Implementation

    Let us help you set up TOA for your company.  Delta-X Research is prepared to work with you to implement TOA in a way that immediately helps you. Whether you just want help with data review prior to import, data review and import assistance or training for users, we are here to help.  Call or email for pricing: |  250-592-2998

  • Training

    Quick Start Training Videos are below. Web based demonstrations and training sessions are available via Glance. To schedule a session please email

  • TOA Support for Labs

    Technical assistance is provided to Labs. We are happy to provide technical assistance and data file format information to assist analytical labs who wish to provide data to their customers in TOA-readable form. See TOA4 Data Import File Requirements in Support Documentation below.

Quick Start Video Guides

TOA Online - Quick Overview

TOA Online - Equipment Queries

TOA Online - Analysis Report

TOA3 Users

TOA3 is no longer supported. Please read the TOA3 End-of-Life notice for more details.

Synchronizing and Exchanging Data

With open interfaces, any laboratory, online monitor or data historian can feed TOA to provide you the freedom to use the services and products that best fit your needs. With secure authorization, TOA provides safe and unfettered access to your test data and equipment history, so you are not impeded by proprietary lock-ins when you need to move your data.