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Remember in TOA4 Online to Analyze New Data

Category: TOA4 TechNotes

When you import new test data in TOA4, the dialog that appears just after you click “Import test data” contains a checkbox that tells TOA4 to do an analysis immediately upon completing the import. Normally, this checkbox should be left “checked” unless you are importing many thousands of samples at once. Really huge import files should be broken up into smaller ones anyway.

If you do import new test data without doing an analysis, an “Analyze new” button should be displayed below the equipment list. Be sure to click that button to calculate analysis results before starting to review UNREVIEWED data. After all new data records have been analyzed, the “Analyze new” button is no longer displayed. Note that if the equipment “owning” the data does not have a correct norm name associated with it, its data will remain unanalyzed until the norm name problem is fixed.

If the equipment list is filtered (for example, restricted to a particular substation or apparatus type) when the “Analyze new” button is clicked, the analysis is done only for the equipment selected by the filter. When you are setting up a new database and have thousands of records of unanalyzed data, it is a good idea to use this feature to run the analysis in a few smaller batches rather than trying to do all of the data at once.

In some cases, if you run an analysis for tens of thousands of new data records all at once, the TOA4 Online web server may “time out” and report an error while waiting for the analysis to be finished. This does not mean that the analysis has failed – the web server has simply given up on waiting for it to finish, but the analysis does get done anyway.