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Since 1992, Delta-X Research has helped electric utilities maintain the globe’s largest infrastructure.  We provide TOA4, an industry leading analytical tool that generates accurate and timely health assessments of high-voltage apparatus (e.g. power transformers) so the electricity system can operate safely, reliably and most cost effectively.


Our customers work hard to keep the lights on, and we just provided them with new, ground breaking technology that takes their diagnostic capabilities to a whole new level.  However, the electricity system is undergoing radical change (i.e. renewables, electric vehicles, etc.) causing utilities to require even more solutions to help maintain and evolve the system.  Being a market leader with a strong financial position, Delta-X Research is uniquely positioned to answer the utilities’ call for innovation!


We are seeking a talented software developer who thrives at solving difficult problems and exceeding customer expectations.  You will be responsible for designing and developing software that helps our utility customers make difficult decisions regarding their million dollar assets.  You will be a team player who happily shares the rewards and satisfaction of making our customers successful.  When a customer uses products developed by you, they will know they have chosen the right solution from the right Company.



  • Design, code, document and test creative solutions at all levels of the product software stack.
  • Research, analyze and document real-world problems for the purpose of developing solutions
  • Exercise new functions and repairs to ensure products work to a high standard
  • Estimate time and effort required for pending work, including consideration of complex and incompletely defined problems
  • Assist and support customers
  • Record product feature requests and defect reports in the issue tracking system



  • Four-year bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics from an accredited institution
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with keen attention to detail
  • Skilled in one or more programming languages, and has a track record of delivering defect-free and efficient computer code
  • Proficient at applying computer science concepts (e.g. design methodologies, algorithmic complexity, fundamental data structures, computer architecture)
  • Adept at and keen to learn new technologies
  • Enjoys collaborating and cooperating with customers, colleagues, and managers.
  • Able to work independently, is consistently productive, and owns outcomes.
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English. Listens well, and is articulate and easy to understand.  Can explain complex ideas in an organized manner.
  • Able to travel occasionally within Canada and the USA
  • Starts each morning wanting to make a difference


Candidates with the following additional attributes are desirable:

  • Skilled in the Python programming language
  • Experience with the Linux operating system
  • Technical understanding of electrical power systems
  • Experience working with electricity utilities, particularly in the area of substation maintenance


Location:  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


How to apply

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter (in Word or PDF formats only) outlining your experience as it relates to the above responsibilities and qualifications to careers@deltaxresearch.com.


Please quote “Software Developer” in subject line in order to be considered.


All applicants are appreciated; unfortunately, we can only contact those to be interviewed. Strictly no phone calls.


Thank you for considering Delta-X Research.