Transformer Oil Analyst
Authorized Vendors

Delta-X Research USA Inc
Durham NC - (919)544-8191 (George Forrest:
Delta-X Research USA sales and marketing office.
Doble Engineering Company
Watertown MA - (617) 926-4900 (Paul Griffin:
Doble Engineering Company offers products, services, and solutions that minimize risk and maximize performance of electric power delivery systems. Doble has analytical laboratories at four locations in the U.S.
TJ|H2b Analytical Services Inc
Sacramento CA - (916)361-7177 (David Weil:
New Orleans LA - (504)734-9722 (David Burns:
Madison WI - (608)825-2022 (John Bruhn:
Kennett Square PA - (610)925-0688 (Gary Picard:
Calgary AB Canada - (403)282-8542 (Donald Karp:
Glen Waverly Victoria Australia - 61 3 9574 9467 (Antony Giacomin:
Capenhurst Chester United Kingdom - 44 151 (0) 339 5100 (Sue Northcote:
Analytical laboratories with extensive experience and expertise in insulating fluid testing.
Levico Europe
Madrid, Spain - +34 6355 12142 (Raka Levi:
Levico offers comprehensive services and technical support in the field of operation, condition assessment, and maintenance of electric power apparatus.
HV Oil Incorporated
Fort McMurray AB and Edmonton AB - (780)-485-9400 (Manu Nath:
HV Oil provides analysis, collection, consulting and training services related to insulating oil. They perform standard ASTM oil testing services, including dissolved gas analysis and various oil quality tests. As a very experienced TOA vendor, they provide supplementary TOA training and technical support services, including migration of TOA3 data to TOA4.
Digital Inspections
Corvallis OR - (800) 877-8783 (John Lane:
Developers of Cascade, the Utility Enterprise Asset Management Software. Digital Inspections, a KEMA company, has been creating field and office-based logistics systems for nearly twenty years.