Intelligence for Asset Optimization

Delta-X provides  advanced diagnostic solutions to assess and track the condition of high-voltage electrical apparatus used by utilities and heavy industry around the world. Delta-X’s Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) is the market leader for managing and interpreting insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis, for high-voltage apparatus. Generation, transmission and distribution utilities, as well as leading industrial operations around the world, rely on Delta-X to provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of their high-value assets.


The Delta-X Difference

We are committed to helping the electric power industry improve the reliability and optimize the investment in high-voltage apparatus by:

  • Investing in research to provide a sound scientific basis for interpreting test data for high-voltage apparatus.
  • Applying our research to create the most effective diagnostic and condition assessment tools of their kind.
  • Making significant contributions to the IEEE and other international standards for electrical equipment condition assessment by sharing our research results for general industry use.
  • Providing open and secure solutions so you and your enterprise systems have unfettered access to leverage your data 24/7.

Transformer Oil Analyst™ (TOA) is the market leader for managing and interpreting insulating fluid test data for high-voltage apparatus. TOA has been used by utilities and heavy industry for over 20 years, and over half of the largest utilities in the USA are TOA4 Online subscribers.

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Our customers are saying ...

"Delta-X Research is a great company to deal with, they listen to their customers' ideas and enhance the product continually."
Chris Brown, Group Leader, Substations, LGE-KU

“TOA4 Online is one of the best tools in my toolbox for assessing the condition of power transformers and LTCs.”
Don Dorris, P.E., Operations Engineer III, Nashville Electric Service

“With on-line access, TOA4 Online allows me to query my data from anyplace, anytime … and the connection speed for uploading/reviewing data is instantaneous.”
Scott Girard, Senior Substation Technician, Chugach Electric Association

“TOA’s software system definitely improves our efficiency and accuracy when processing oil samples for our customers.”
Tracey Suehring, Energis High Voltage Resources, Inc.