Intelligence for Asset Optimization

Delta-X Research provides advanced diagnostic solutions to assess and track the condition of high-voltage electrical apparatus used by utilities and heavy industry around the world. Delta-X’s Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) is the market leader for managing and interpreting insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis, for high-voltage apparatus. Generation, transmission and distribution utilities, as well as leading industrial operations around the world, rely on Delta-X to provide accurate and timely insights into the condition of their high-value assets.


The Delta-X Difference

We are committed to helping the electric power industry improve the reliability and optimize the investment in high-voltage apparatus by:

  • Investing in research to provide a sound scientific basis for interpreting test data for high-voltage apparatus.
  • Applying our research to create the most effective diagnostic and condition assessment tools of their kind.
  • Making significant contributions to the IEEE and other international standards for electrical equipment condition assessment by sharing our research results for general industry use.
  • Providing open and secure solutions so you and your enterprise systems have unfettered access to leverage your data 24/7.

Transformer Oil Analyst™ (TOA) is the market leader for managing and interpreting insulating fluid test data for high-voltage apparatus. TOA has been used by utilities and heavy industry for over 20 years, and over half of the largest utilities in the USA are TOA4 Online subscribers.

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Our Latest Post

Six Common Data Issues in Transformer DGA

Power transformers are designed to pass large amounts of energy through with very high efficiency, so in normal operation and in the absence of unusual stress there should be no degradation of the oil and paper insulation inside the transformer. Insulation damage or degradation resulting from an abnormal condition (“fault”) is almost always detectable by the formation of characteristic gaseous byproducts in the transformer oil. The main concern of transformer dissolved-gas analysis (DGA) is to detect, quantify, and interpret the active production of fault-related gas when it occurs. The first step in the interpretation of DGA data is to check for problems with the integrity of the data. Issues with the data must be recognized and dealt with before any conclusions can be reached ...